Aarde: Shattered Dimension

Game One


The Canish Empire is recruiting soldiers, mages and other skilled individuals to adventure on behalf of the people and try to control the “Rift Monster” problem. They are supporting privatized armies and allowing for mercenary groups to form unabated. The group will be contacted by one such mercenary group for conscription. Some of them will be contacted peacefully, some will be abducted, none will be allowed to leave. This will begin the training of the group and their skill sets.

This is a larger mercenary force of around 1200 individuals. Included in the mercenary group will be several bands of smaller forces, some with more authority than others. Big names will include: ‘Dordyson’s Legion’, ‘Angel Blades’, ‘Skywanderers’, ‘Mandagar Giantkiller and the Seven Saviors’, and the most mysterious group ‘Sephistos’.

Training is overseen by four high ranking officers from each power house. Relan the Commander is over the fighting men. His two veteran assistants are Vedici, an elf who trains the light warriors and speed based fighters; and Bungar the dwarf, showing heavy fighters the ways of battle. The three are extremely hands on, and discipline is harshly metted out. Running the academy is Gjinn, a mage of unknown race and heritage, Gjinn never is seen, but the words are carried by messengers and other instructors to the students. Father Sean runs the church located on the grounds. He claims to be a priest of the pantheon, but no one seems to believe that is where his true loyalties lie. Dondar is the lead spy and information tactician of the mercenary band. He conducts regular training sessions with the students and is known throughout the band.

Key points on the training grounds will be the Church, the Barracks, the Command Bunkers and the Arena.



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