Aarde: Shattered Dimension

Game Three

Finishing the Job

After their initial excursion, the group finds a relatively safe place to camp in the mountain pass. However, in the middle of the night Marbas succumbs to an illness, incapacitating him. So the other three adventurers face the battle alone.
During scouting, it is discovered that the War Chiefs are always escorted by a squad of 15 orcs and a Troll.
Using information gathered from their orc captives, the group decides that instead of fighting they will use the division within the Orc Clan to their advantage.
Using a showy display of power and persuasion, the group convinces the Orc War Chief to turn on the Clan Chief Dakral.
The resulting mutiny ends in the slaughter of half the orc tribe, but the gradual ally of their new Clan Chief and the departure of the orcs from Brandywine.
Now the group must discover the secrets of the mysterious woman, who the Clan all believe to be the true power behind Dakral and his desire to raid this area.



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