Aarde: Shattered Dimension

Game Two

First Blood

After training for about 8 weeks, the three player characters are dispatched to a small village outside of Brionne. They will receive instructions to report to the Mayor of the Village, one Randlar Brandywine. He informs the group that the village has been under a raid of orcs, ogres and trolls for the last year. Brionne has sent down fighting men from the City Watch to dispatch them three times. Each time has been a failure and men have died horridly.

The Dictorate of Brionne reached out to several mercenary guilds, but General Tigron, leader of the Mercenary band was the most ready to respond. The town seems to be discouraged by the number of respondants. The group will be discharged by the mayor to attempt to handle this problem the way that they feel is best.

Tracking and survival based skill checks reveal a central base of operations for the orcs. The group hunts down two of the orc raiding bands and eliminates them.



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