Astrum Satoris

Hammer of the Creator

weapon (melee)

+4 Huge Greathammer with Variable Energy Damage effects, bestows bonus to Strength, Compentence in Blacksmithing, Protection from Energy Attacks, Follow through attacks, Prismatic spell like abilities, and a berserker like rage.


Astum Satoris was commissioned by the contract of Eulys Kalaal and the Fifth Pantheon. It is an artifact believed to be blessed by the One God himself. Though meant to be a tool of great power, Astrum Satoris has been misused as a weapon of terrible legacy. Used in the past to create weapons of destruction, once it forged the Tools of the Stars, the weapon was given to the proud Goliath for safe keeping. Handed down from War Chief to War Chief as an icon of responsibility, the Hammer found its way into the hands of Kelandros, the exile.

Kelandros used Astrum Satoris along with his companions and the Tools of the Stars to take down Krasos, Appoc and the Lightbringer himself and saved the world from Annihilation.

Astrum Satoris

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