Tag: Race


  • Astrum Satoris

    Astum Satoris was commissioned by the contract of Eulys Kalaal and the [[Fifth Pantheon]]. It is an artifact believed to be blessed by the [[One God]] himself. Though meant to be a tool of great power, Astrum Satoris has been misused as a weapon of …

  • Races

    *[[Human]]* The dominant race of the world, humans can be found most places. Their occupation and skills are limitless; however they are heavily influenced by the culture and environment they grow up in. They range in height and weight with 6 foot …

  • Elf

    When the world was rebuilt and young, the stones brought forth the Elfish people. Originally populating the [[Dragon Lands]], the elves were small, light and agile. Within two generations, the elves began to divide into three main subraces: _[[Wood …

  • Ancient

    Before the cataclysm and the rebirth of the mortal races, there were the Ancients. The oldest race in existence, the Ancients resemble humans but with natural psionic abilities that far outreach other races.