One God
Believed to be the Center of the universe and the creator of the Pantheons, the One God has been a present influence in much of Aarde’s History.

Ancient Pantheon
The Original Pantheon. Worshiped when even the Ancient Race was young, this pantheon had sway of the world at large. Many of its influences are lost today, but the structure of the Pantheon was forever swayed.

Second Pantheon

Third Pantheon

Fourth Pantheon

Fifth Pantheon

Sixth Pantheon
The newest Pantheon of Gods and the one currently in power today. These nine Gods are barely getting started.

Opposition to the One God and enemy of the Pantheons, the Lightbringer seeks nothing but the destruction of all living things. His wrath was felt in the War of the Lightbringer, and he is currently believed to be trapped in a prison of the One God’s design.


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