The War of the Lightbringer was a devastating change in Aarde’s history and landscape. Realms were torn asunder and recovery was slow to repair the damage. The Archipelago of Nine Nations used to be the Kingdom of Ten Nations until one of them was lost to the void. Eldritch landmarks such as the Soul Drop in Kalaal, the Devil’s Tear and Demon’s Pool in the Canish Empire and Iat Nu in the Dragon Lands are still active and sources of great power and mystery.

Key figures in the war such as Krasos and Appoc are still the target of curses and dark mutters. The Heroes of the Realm are still mentioned in historical documents, recognized in churches and generally awe inspiring. Kelandros the Goliath, returned to the wilds of Kalaal and ruled his tribe. His crafts and legacy are still strong in that region. Amadon was a martyr and is widely recognized as the last true follower of Pelor (the sun god of the previous pantheon). Zerabet and Aurelon ascended into Godhood and are now part of the Divine Pantheon.

Currently the leaders of all empires seem to be at peace with only minor conflicts arising. No major wars or power struggles are eminent. Some private wizards are peddling solutions to the “Rift Monster” problems. These solutions seem to involve placing large amounts of troops under the control of the wizards involved and are generally not under wide acceptance at this time.
Vampires disappeared at the end of the War. They have not been heard from since.

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