The dominant race of the world, humans can be found most places. Their occupation and skills are limitless; however they are heavily influenced by the culture and environment they grow up in. They range in height and weight with 6 foot and 220 being an average human male. They live to be about 90 years old. They have no special in game statistics and serve as the baseline.


Elf heritage is strong in a large part of the world. Elves are divided into subraces as follows.

Wood Elf

Wood elves make up the vast majority of the Elfish Empire and the armies in the Dragon Lands. They are fast, nimble and beautiful. They favor professions which rely on grace and dexterity. Ranging around 4 ½ to 5 ½ feet tall and 110 lbs to 150 lbs, they tend to be smaller than humans. They live to be about 350-400 years old.

High Elf

Elven nobility and most city based elves are considered High Elves. They are graceful and intelligent. They consider themselves to be above manual work, and lean towards professions which require study and patience. They are taller than their woodland cousins and are generally the same height as humans, but are still significantly lighter. They live to be about 800 years old.


The dark brothers of the Elves, the Drow live underground and are generally disliked by all races. However, there are a few exceptions and when surfaced, they are elite and powerful beings. Physically, they are the same height and weight as wood elves, They have the same lifespan as High Elves.


Dwarf heritage is as strong as elfish heritage in many ways. They are prevalent in most cultures and are generally have little trouble adapting to their surroundings. Like elves, there are many subraces of Dwarves, but they are more physically consisitent. Standing around 4 to 4 ½ feet tall, they are significantly shorter than humans, but weigh about the same. They live to be around 200 years old.

Dragon Folk

Dragon folk are mysterious and powerful creatures. There heritage is unique and unknown and encounters with Dragon Folk are rare. Over the last 2 centuries, they have begun migrating and becoming part of societies. There is still some animosity due to their bestial appearances, but no overt crimes would be tolerable in civilized societies. They stand the same as humans height as humans, but weigh twice as much. The live to be about 400 years old.


Gnomes are crafty, inventive, inquisitive and from time to time, obnoxious. This makes them exceptionally good at professions where creative thinking is key. They are one of the smallest races known standing around 3 or 3 ½ feet tall and weigh normally just under between 70-80 pounds. They live to be just about 200 years old.


Halflings are around the same size as gnomes, however they make up for it with personality! A traditional Halfling lives the life of two men. Energetic, rambunctious and spry, Halflings tend towards “professions” which allow them to act on their impulses and desires rather than follow traditional rules. They live the average lifespan of a human.


Large and direct, Goliath are most prevalent in the lands of Kalaal where the mountain and winter environments suit their nomadic lifestyle. They have a similar mentality to the dwarves and are very clan based and loyal. Standing around 8 feet tall and weighing around 350-400 pounds, Goliaths are one of the larger races around.


The Ancients were here before all other races. They are the remnants of a forgotten society and have only recently begun to appear out in the world. They have access to mysterious powers and technology and when recognized are generally met with awe. They are hard to distinguish from humans and only stalwart adventures know for sure. They live for around 800 years.


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