The Canish Empire still stands at the center of civilization and progress. Ago’Chi serves as the capitol of the Canish Empire. Brionne, Winnheim and the Port cities all have dignitaries and serve as regional leadership for the people. While conflict is at a minimum, there is always animosity between regional populations. With the Elfish empire to the east, the population is blended throughout the Canish empire. Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Gnomes and Halflings make up the majority, but it is not uncommon to see lesser races wandering the streets of the empire. Some are more welcomed than others.

Island of Kalaal to the southwest is a sovereign nation. This land was the origin of Krasos and beginning of the War of the Lightbringer. Now a peaceful land, many still view it with disdain due to the strife and discourse that it caused. It is mainly human and goliath tribes due to harsh climate conditions and long winters. Small trade and crafting communities exist on the shorelines.

To the south of the Canish Empire lies the Archipelago of Nine Nations, home of the Gnomes and their Technicks. Nine individual nations and kings rule the Gnomish lands and they are very competitive. Their technology varies from nation to nation and ranges from steam, to gunpowder to salvaged Ancient artifacts. Gnomish Technick can be very powerful, but is unreliable and dangerous in the best of times.

To the east of the empire is the Elfish Empire. With the combination of Elf and Dwarf craftsmen, the main export of the region is weapons and armor. Overall, the nation is quite and prefers to stay on the other side of the Dragon Wall.
Far to the West across the sea is the Dragon Lands. Origin of the Elves and Dwarves, the nation’s people focus on honor and discipline. They are far detached from the Elf and Dwarf folk that migrated to the lands beyond the Canish Empire. In the dragon lands, the Dwarves and Elves are still at odds and skirmishes are common.

Many lands are still out there waiting to be explored; your adventure may take you there.


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